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Andrea P
Highly recommended This woman really knows her stuff. She understands skincare and your skin needs.
Sally Y
Amazing facial Vivian is so good at what she does. Not only is she thorough but knowledgeable. She customized facials to your skin needs and the place is also very clean. Definitely recommend!
Jon S
Amazing facial Vivian is an incredible aesthetician. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, and she immediately gives you an accurate assessment of your skin care needs, curating a regimen built specifically for you. The facial itself was very relaxing and soothing, and I walked out looking and feeling 5 years younger. I highly recommend.
My facial I had my first facial with Vivian yesterday and it was lovely! When I arrived home, my family noticed an immediate improvement in my face. I looked tighter and glowier. I purchased the products Vivian suggested so I can continue to get results at home, until my next visit. Thank you, Vivian!
Elana T
Thank you for my perfect skin ! I’ve been coming to see Vivian for a about a year. Every problem with my skin is gone , my face is glowing ! I highly would recommend to anyone who’s looking to teat a problem or just get a luxurious experience
Review The best!
My Skin already looks better I had one session with Vivian and I am definitely going back. She got me on track with a good regimen of products, and I can already see a difference in my skin after 1 week of having a facial with her and using the new products. I want to make facials with Vivian part of my regular routine.
Amazing experience! Vivian is a kind, caring person and an exceptional professional. She listened attentively to my concerns and gave profound advice tailored to my skin type. She takes a scientific approach and is very knowledgeable with regards to medical research on skincare topics. I am very happy to have found her and most warmly recommend her services. Thank you, Vivian!
Sasha F
Amazing I had heard about the biologique recherche skincare line from a friend. I looked it up and learned there were about two spas in SF that use the product. Vivian's reviews were good so I decided to try her out and I'm so glad I did. She listened to my reasons for being there, and then took a close look at my skin and made a recommendations regarding the type of facial I should have. She wanted to start small in terms of the products she tried on my skin, as I had told her I have very sensitive skin. The results were absolutely incredible. The smooth, glowing skin I walked away with 1.5 hours later was unbelievable. Vivian also thoughtfully recommended some products for me to try, and tailored sizes and intensity of the particular products to my skin and the fact that I'm just starting out. The long and short of it is that my skin feels transformed and I'm already so excited about my next appointment!
Kim S
Relaxing facial Had my first facial with Vivian yesterday and woke up to happy and healing skin! She took the time to really listen to my skincare needs and made great recommendations throughout. She is obviously very skilled and knoweldgeable at what she does and I was comfortable with her right away. I also appreciate how accommodating she was with scheduling. I can't wait for my next visit!
Janet D
The best! Vivian is a professional and her products are by far the best. The room is relaxing and calming! It is the best re charge around!
Daisy L
Vivian does wonders to my skin I can't say enough about Vivian. She did wonders to my skin! I am going through chemo aand my skin just broke out with acne. It was dry and difficult to look at a feel. One visit to Vivian did wonders to my dry skin. The products that she used was very calming and it soothed my dry, tight skin. I felt so much happier when I left. I will always recommend Vivian. She is my skin angel.
Facial appointment I have recently became the client of Vivian. I must say that her magical hands surpassed my expectations and now my skin feels and looks completely anew!!! Thank you Vivian!
Pema L
My skin looks and feels so much better I went to Vivian after having not had a facial for 3+ years. Needless to say, my skin was looking rough. Vivian was very thorough, knowledgable, and caring. She applied a very personalized approach to my facial. My face looks so much better and feels so much more hydrated. She also gave me a ton of great samples of the biologique rocherche line to try, and I'm excited to experiment and see if these products are a fit for me. I can't wait to go back in 6 weeks! Thank you, Vivian.
Sara A
Vivian Tonsky Facial Vivie is a talented and graceful facialist. I really enjoy my facials with her and appreciate her reccomendations for Biologique Recherche skincare products. I left with glowing skin!
Charlotte S
Fabulous Facial "Vivi" is the VERY BEST. I love going to here sweet studio on College Ave near Broadway in Oakland for a solid hour+ of total relaxation. Vivi's facials are so lovely, no pressure to purchase product, no pressure to talk (although if you want to she is delightful), just relax and have your skin lovely cared for.
Liana H
Amazing If I were to review in just one sentence, I would say that my skin had an orgasm! Vivian completely transformed my skin in 1,5 hours. I came in with tired looking skin after sleepless night and she made it so plump with no signs of little wrinkles. It was truly a miracle. I came out looking like I was at a spa getaway all weekend, so fresh looking! Truly amazing. Highly recommend!
Facials by Vive I have been going to Vivian for facials for over a year and should have written this review a long time ago! Vivian expertise is outstanding, she uses personalized treatments for you vs. a menu. She stays up to date with products , ingredients and treatments. My mature skin looks much better! She is also a lovely kind and genuine person.
Janet D
Best facial! My skin glows whenever I leave Vivian! She is knowledgeable, professional and talented!
MJ - Margarito G
Best Facial Ever! Vivian's facials are customized for your skin type and needs. They are so relaxing and amazing! Her treatments work extremely well and have greatly cleared up my skin so much!
Rita L.
Facial This is the best place in the east bay to get a facial! Vivian is great. So fortunate to have found her and her studio.
Roxanne K
Excellent Facialist I am so happy I found Vive. She is very knowledable identifing the correct products and procedures for glowing skin. I would highly recommend her.
Fabulous facials! I have been getting facials from Vivian for about a year now and they are consistently fantastic. She really knows what she is doing and her technique is great. I love the products she uses and have even purchased some to use at home with great results. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
MJ - Margarito G
Amazing Best Facial I Have Ever Had!! Vivian was so amazing! She wanted my skin to be clear as much as I did. She was extremely accommodating and gave me products to help treat my acne. Her facial was so soothing and relaxing not only for my skin but I as well. I highly recommend her as she targets the facial specificly toward your skin type and need.
Alisha J
Skin ANGEL! Vivian is the best esthetician I've ever been to. She listens to your skin-related questions and issues and really takes the time to give you great advice. She can recommend products but she never pushes anything on you. Ever. Her facials are heavenly! I feel like I've been to other estheticians where you leave and your face is bright red and upset from extractions but this never happens with Vivian. She's extremely gentle and I feel like a million bucks after a visit. I really recommend Vivian to anyone who cares greatly about taking care of their skin! She's also wonderful to talk to. You'll love her.
Francesca G
The best facial I've had. Vivian is wonderful and I will recommend her to all the friends I have. She is superb! Thank you!
Alisha J
Amazing! I had such a wonderful visit with Vivian. My face felt clear and glowing afterwards. Vivian answered all of my in-depth skincare questions and couldn't have been nicer to speak to. I would highly recommend a service here.
Maggie I
Best Facial Provider in Rockridge I highly recommend Vivian Tonsky for facials. It is a treat to go to her. I always schedule my next appointment right afterward just so I have it on my calendar. After starting to go to Vivian (it's been some time now), I won't go anywhere else. Highly recommend!
Belinda A
Best facial ever! I have been getting facials since I was in high school, and without a doubt, I received the best facial at Vivian Tonsky. The facial was very thorough and relaxing. She took the time to explain and write down the best skin care regime necessary to keep my skin looking great until the next time. She is terrific and very knowledgeable, and I cannot wait to return.
Debbi S
Best faciialist ever! Vivi is awesome! She is a total professional and has great understanding and knowledge of skin issues. She is incredibly thorough and has kept my skin as youthful as possible. She goes the extra mile and really cares about her clients. I cant recommend her strongly enough!
Janet D
Heavenly! Vivian is such a professional and I swear my skin glowed when she was through!
Cindy L
My skin looks great I have been going to Vivian for less than a year and my skin definitely looks good and youthful. Her products works and her services are relaxing
Albina M
She nows what to do! I am just lucky to find Vivian! She helped me a lot with my terrible problem acne! Can't wait for my next appointment.
Vivie European Facial I had amazing facial from Vivian; she was able to squeeze me in for appointment last minute. I got the European Facial b/c I do have acne prone skin -she cleaned out my pores and gave a healthy glow! I love how knowledgeable she is regarding Biologique Recherche products and gave good info and samples :) I will definitely be making my second appointment with her whenever I am in the city but I highly recommend her.
Elana T
Wonderful service and results Vivian is professional and knowledgeable, addressing every issue and concern. You will walk out looking radiant ) Highly recommend
Izella Rozenfeld
Wonderful skin care My skin feels happy after each meeting with Vivie. Magic touch, high quality products, great location, and flexible hours all the parameters to be a permanent client of Vivian. I highly recommend to visit Vivie Skin Care.